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Welcome to A-Mazing Travel, LLC

Looking for travel agencies in Terre Haute? If so, A-Mazing Travel, LLC is your destination.

We are committed to outstanding service and exceptional value.

We specialize in booking vacation packages, cruises, and tours. We take pride in the fact that you have selected us to serve as your travel consultant to help you make the best decisions regarding your travel plans. It is our mission to sort through the vast options to find you the best value for your cruises, packages, and tours.

A-Mazing Travel, LLC

Our services

A-Mazing Travel, LLC

Honeymoon Packages

We’ll plan that extraordinary Honeymoon that you have always wanted for yourself!

A-Mazing Travel, LLC

Group Tours

Allow our expert travel consultant to create a hassle -free Group travel plan for you.

A-Mazing Travel, LLC

Cruise Voyages

Enjoy the amazing food, sights, entertainment and much more that cruises have to offer.

A-Mazing Travel, LLC

Europe Explorations

Get the once-in-a-lifetime experience of exploring some incredible places in Europe.

Planning a Trip? Book An Appointment!

It is our pleasure to handle every detail of your itinerary for you, saving you from the hassles, uncertainty, and inconvenience of having to do it on your own.

latest news & articles

A-Mazing Travel, LLC

Why Travel Agents are Back in Vogue?

Here’s a fact seldom discussed when the topic of travel agents arises. When the airlines began cutting commissions to travel agents in the mid-90′s, the real problem wasn’t commissions. No, the airlines had another reason for wanting travel agents out of the picture. Travel agents told clients how to obtain the lowest fare. Call American Airlines directly and they don’t tell you Delta has a lower fare. But a travel agent would.

Know what? They still do.

Because I’m obsessed with travel research, I believe in the value of a good travel agent. Well- trained travel specialists offer very valuable services…